Hear what our members and sponsors have to say about their experience with TCHREN!

“Going through transition is a difficult and stressful process, especially in the highly competitive job market for HR executives. One can only network so much, so what is better than a HR executive networking group that shares job leads, relevant job search information and knowledge? The group provides moments of sanity, compassion and friendship. I met outstanding HR executives through TCHREN and made many new friends. The referral that led to my current role was made through a TCHREN contact. TCHREN also provides recruiters/hiring managers with a pool of highly qualified candidates and extensive networks.”

Han, Alumni Member, VP HR

“I found TCHREN to be a remarkable group of talented professionals and a rich source of support during my recent search. There were many benefits, but most important for me, through interacting with peers from a wide variety of HR backgrounds, was clarifying what differentiates me professionally. This was indispensable in helping me narrow my search, evaluate leads and ultimately land a role that is a perfect fit for me. I’m still honored and humbled to have been included as a member of this group, with their amazing array of experience and achievements. Many of the participants I met have become an important part of my ongoing network.”

Lorri, Alumni Member, VP HR

“Electing a career transition amid the ‘Great Recession’ proved to be a more formidable prospect than I initially assumed. TCHREN proved an invaluable connection and resource as I worked through whether it was the correct time of life to hang out my own consulting shingle or continue in a corporate role. The talented colleagues, both those who I had known for some time and those I was just meeting, served as advisors, coaches, connections, contacts, mentors and friends. As in all aspects of life, collaboration and support paves the path to success.”

David, Alumni Member, VP HR

“TCHREN is an excellent organization specific to Director and above level HR professionals. I was part of this group for several months and found it to be a great way for folks in transition to connect with each other. We had access to search and contract company contacts, support from Lee Hecht Harrison, and wonderful interactions to help each other find that next great role. It is a good “pool” of people steeped in experience for employers looking for the right level of significant contributors virtually all in one place.”

Renee, Alumni Member, Sr. Director Compensation

“TCHREN has been invaluable to me as a newcomer to the challenge of being in a job transition. Through TCHREN, I have built a large and meaningful network of HR professionals and services that will always be part of my HR career. The members have provided me with critical insight to help me navigate the competitive and selective job market. The strategic focus, tactical tips, uplifting energy, positive outlook and dedication to help all members succeed in their HR careers has been a great gift of encouragement to me. TCHREN is like having an army of coaches to support you along the way.”

Diane, Current Member

“Finding myself in transition was unexpected. Also unexpected – but pleasantly so – is the exceptional talent, support and networking offered by TCHREN. Members’ knowledge and experience has been invaluable in my transition and will be used when I land my next position.”

Sally, Current Member

“Being a member of this group has helped me to create relationships that will last for the rest of my life! I have also heard about opportunities and made other connections that I would not have known about otherwise.”

Lisa, Current Member

“TCHREN is a tremendous asset to HR leaders who are in the midst of career change. When entering a time of transition, this group of professionals welcomes you with open arms, introduces you to a vast network, and creates an immediate venue to listen, share, learn, and/or coach one another regarding career opportunities. TCHREN members can help you navigate an organization, the job market, or provide market intel on particular opportunities. They also provide moral support as you manage through the ups and downs in seeking out your next career move! TCHREN is a forum that you can be a part of during and after your transition. If you believe in the motto of “pay it forward” and enjoy supporting your fellow professionals, it is a good group to be a part of.”

Julie, Current Member

“HR Connection is pleased to support the efforts of TCHREN and give back to the Twin Cities HR community in this way. I have had the opportunity to present to this group and was impressed with the caliber of talent represented in the room. Many of the individuals have been members of our small groups, so I have had the privilege of knowing them and being familiar with their work and contributions over the years. We are so fortunate to live and work in the Twin Cities where we can be surrounded with this kind of HR talent!”

Sue Bergstrom, Sponsor, HR Connection

“Talented, bright, and articulate is how I would describe the HR executives who are members of TCHREN. Having had the pleasure of working with them for the past five years, I would highly recommend these folks!”

Barbara Miller, Sponsor, Lee Hecht Harrison

“Talencio is pleased to support TCHREN. We believe that ongoing networking among professionals and sharing of expertise will make our community and its individuals stronger. We are dedicated to that mission and to TCHREN.”

Paula Norbom, Talencio